Team LottoNL-Jumbo extends its cooperation with Pioneer

2 February 2017

Team LottoNL-Jumbo’s cyclists will rely on Pioneer’s power meters again in 2017. It’s a full-circle agreement, with the cyclists and trainers feeding power numbers and data back to Pioneer so it may continually improve its products.

Pioneer produces one of the best power meters on the market. It is therefore not surprising that team LottoNL-Jumbo opts for Pioneer. High performance manager, Mathieu Heijboer helped select the versatile product.

"The Pioneer power meter provides more information than just the power, speed and cadence,” Heijboer said. “Pedalling-efficiency, power distribution, and balance are all recorded. All the data is returned in a clear way, visualized in the computer program called Cyclo Sphere.

“In addition, all the data is wirelessly uploaded to our server. This ensures that all our trainers and managers may immediately access the data from anywhere in the world. "


Great history between the team and electronics company

Roel Schoondermark, Pioneer's European Business Cycle Manager, saw it as a logical step to continue with LottoNL-Jumbo. Already he feels that there’s a “great history” between the team and electronics company.

"It is logical for both Pioneer and the team to extend the contract. We have built a great history together and the team has given Pioneer vital support with both the Pioneer brand and the product,” Schoondermark said.

“Training and racing with power is the standard for professional athletes. The Pioneer HD power meter is dual-legged and shows the pedaling efficiency. With it, we want to support athletes, like Gesink, Kruijswijk, their teammates, and trainers, in taking the next step."


Robert Gesink

Robert Gesink has been enthusiastic from the beginning about Pioneer’s power meters. From their data, he said that you can achieve more power.


"You can measure your left and right leg to see how much power you’re delivering during different moments of your pedal stroke,” Gesink said. “This allows you to detect potential imbalances at an early stage and prevent injuries by overload and inefficiency. Adjusting your position, you can start pedal more efficiently, which results in more power.

"It is important that the batteries can be replaced easily. Clearly, our training bike isn't checked by a mechanic every day. Once I get on my bike, I can see that the batteries are full. And if they might need to be changed, I can do so myself in a few minutes."


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